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'You said, we did.....'

At Stockton’s Local Offer we value your feedback.

That is why we have decided to provide a dedicated area on our homepage.


Here are some examples of the ‘You said, we did….’ we are currently working on:

We had a meeting with our representative parent group, Stockton Parent and Carer Forum (SPCF) and are continuing to build their steering group. The working partnership between the Local Authority and our representative parent group remains both robust and proactive.

The current and most topical questions we are receiving include queries around documentation used across Stockton’s education arena, changes to home to school transport and personal budgets.

 You said………

Is there a way I can get my son's nappies on perscription?

The Health Service is working with SPCF and the SEN Service to provide a positive resolution. A draft specification is now in process and should be available end of March 2018.

Can I talk confidentialy to a Local Authority SEN Officer regarding my child's EHCP?

The SEN and Engagement Service are now working with Stockton Parent and Carer Forum, by offering EHCP support. The support is by appointment only and further information can be found on the SPCF website.

Who and what criteria is used to establish the ‘suitable nearest school’?

Stockton have a home to transport policy which clearly identifies, parental preference, measuring distance and safest routes.

Can parents claim mileage on temporary arrangements?

Stockton have a home to school transport policy and recently produced an information for parents and carers –Eligibility and Decision Making document that explains both mileage and temporary arrangements regarding transport.

What if a child needs transport who has no EHC plan?

Some children may be eligible for free home to school transport. The transport policy and guidance can be found on Stockton Borough Council’s website or following the links provided:

Can the Local Authority produce an easy to read ‘Personal Budgets’ fact sheet?

We are looking at providing a single sheet, easy to read; guide to personal budgets and tribunals, to build on our existing marketing materials such as the ‘SEN Reforms booklet’, available now on the Local Offer

Can we have a list of providers who offer local activities and groups for children with special educational needs and or disabilities?

Short breaks service statement-February 2017, contains a full list of activities. The service statement along with various providers can be found in the Local Offer.

Where can I find a local parent group?

The Department for Education recognises Stockton’s parent group as Stockton Parent Carers Forum. We have placed their logo onto the home page of the Local Offer that now includes a direct link to their information.

Where is the information I need if I don’t agree with the local authorities decisions regarding my child’s Education, Health and Care assessment/plan?

We are trying to provide a clearer route within the Local Offer for this frequently asked question. The development of our one page factsheets, should address this request.

Can the Local Authority produce an easy to read; guide to the tribunal system?

The document is in the planning stage and once in draft form will be circulated to all of the relevant stakeholders and then uploaded onto the local offer.


You will find previous feedback to the ‘You said, we did’ in Stockton’s, annually produced reports, available on our homepage. 

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